Linlithgow Natural Grid (affectionately known as ‘LNG’) first made its appearance on 29th April 2013 as an Unincorporated Association when the three founding members; myself, Chris Cook as Convener, Chris Gunstone, as Treasurer, and Neil Barnes as Secretary, all subscribed to the Founding Constitution with the following Aim.

“The Aim of Linlithgow Natural Grid is for Linlithgow to be independent in energy.”

Much has been achieved since LNG essentially branched from Transition Linlithgow and in posts to come we shall briefly look back over what LNG has been doing, and our plans for making Linlithgow independent in energy.

On 15th August 2014 the LNG egg hatched into a caterpillar; on that date Linlithgow Natural Grid Ltd was formally incorporated as a Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee Number SC484479, and during the next few months we aim for LNG to become the Proof of Concept of a new type of community energy utility.



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  1. Well done for setting this up, Chris. We’re getting more partners and stakeholders on board and looks like we’ll be nearing our 3rd successful bid shortly. Exciting times! Neil


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